Are you a former gymnast who wants to get back into Gymnastics? Maybe you’re someone that dreams of trying out some Gymnastics Skills. Or probably you just want an activity to keep you fit and healthy but offers you heaps of fun. SPC Adult Gymnastics could be the right fit for you. We cater for absolute beginners through to advanced former gymnasts and will tailor the skills to suit your abilities.

Each program is a 1 1/2 hour session with group work, tumbling, strength and flexibility. You can also work on gymnastics specific apparatus, just talk top our instructor who will be happy to assist achieve your goals.




Time PM

Adult class 16 years+ 1.5 Hours 7:00-8:30

Have you ever wanted to learn to flip and fly through the air like a pro? You now have the chance when you sign up for our new Adults Open Squad Class. This class is designed to teach you to hone your body control and aerial awareness. It’s perfect for stunt people, athletes of all professions and anyone else who wants to improve upon their physical current abilities. It’s never too late to learn something new, and this sport is exciting, fun and the ultimate physical challenge!

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