Dance Class Name




Junior Ballet 5-9 years 1 hour 10:00-11:00
Junior Contemporary 5-9 years 1 hour 11:00-12:00

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is the main form/foundation of all dance styles. It requires the body’s full control of every single movement, aiming to improve strength, flexibility, posture and mainly technique. Students will learn a wide range of exercises and sequences including pointing toes, rises, piles, allegro from small to big jumps and much more.



Jazz is a fun, high-energy style that will improve student’s fitness and musicality. Throughout this style we will be focused on the body’s co-coordination and confidence. All students will learn a range of progressions such as skips, hops, jumps, kicks, pirouettes and more.



Contemporary is a more free form of dance allowing the body to ‘let go’ and create a unique form of art. This let’s students express themselves and tell story’s through dance. This style is both extremely challenging and technical focusing on expression and controlled movement similar to ballet. This class starts in the intermediate level as it’s quite a mature form of dance and students are encouraged to do ballet also to get more out of this style.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an exciting style that involves mainly modern music known by most students. Classes are filled with fun, lots of energy and games through dance. Both boys and girls love this style of all ages, students will learn a range of choreography and hip hop tricks such as crab walking, helicopters, groovy walks, kick – ball changes, chart wheels and more.

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