Holiday camp food

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  • Holiday Camp Food Set


    The set includes:

    Fruit cup: watermelon, orange, blueberries, grapes.

    Vegie cup: carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes served with Hummus dip OR French Onion dip (please select below).

    Popcorn: Small zip lock bag of salted popcorn

    Cabanossi crackers: Cabanossi, tasty cheese squares, and Jatz crackers

    Boiled egg: 1

    Also available at lunch. All hot food is served with tomato sauce sachets.

    Select the date for which you would like to order the food. You are welcome to add additional note in the “Child’s name” section.

    IMPORTANT!!! – Please write CHILD’S NAME in the section below, just before the button “BOOK NOW”.

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