Parents Code of Conduct – 2020

As your child is in a competitive activity held by or under the auspices of the Super Performance Centre, Gymnastics Queensland, Gymnastics Australia or a member association, you must as parents or guardians meet the following requirements in regards to your conduct at SPC or during any activity or event.

  1. Encourage your child to participate in all training sessions and competitive events as set by the Super Performance Centre.
  2. Place an emphasis on participation and enjoyment and not simply winning.
  3. Encourage your children to play by the rules.
  4. Do not criticise or critique children in front of others, but reserve constructive criticism for more private moments.
  5. Remember that children are involved in sport for their enjoyment and not yours.
  6. A child will learn and benefit from best example.
  7. Accept the decisions of all judges as fair and called to the best of their ability. Do not raise issues of disagreement publicly.
  8. Never use derogatory language based on gender, race or impairment. Parent’s language and behaviour should always be appropriate in the presence of children and kept with our family-friendly environment. Set a good example by your own conduct, behaviour and appearance.
  9. Do not criticise coaches, judges, administration personnel, other athletes or parents of  Super Performance Centre and/or opposing team members. If you have a concern, make an appointment with the office to see the club manager or owner. Any such behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in membership with Super Performance Centre being revoked.
  10. Avoid discussion about coaches, judges, staff, other athletes or parents of Super Performance Centre, programs or the club – particularly in front of athletes or parents. This can be a source of misinformation. Any such behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in membership with the Super Performance Centre being revoked.
  11. Support the staff and officials in their enforcement of the rules and their coaching techniques.
  12. Do not enter the training area. In the event that you need to speak to a coach urgently when they are on the floor, please request administration to pass on a message.
  13. When a child enters the training area they are in the care and supervision of the coaching staff. Refrain from attracting your child’s attention until they have been dismissed at the end of class. You should never remove a child from their program without prior discussion with their coach or with administration.
  14. Do not film, record or take images of a training session or competition without the express permission of management. We must respect the privacy of all members including the coaching personnel.
  15. It is important that parents or those picking up athletes are punctual on drop off and pick up times.  If you are late for the pickup times, others, including coaches and SPC personnel can be inconvenienced.
  16. If you have any concerns about yours or any other child’s wellbeing please refer to Members and Child Protection Policy or contact Member Protection and Information Officer (MPIO) at: