Locked Squads Acceptance Form

Locked Squad Acceptance

Like any sport and in particular competitive based programs, the Super Performance Centre has rules, regulations and policies in place to assist families and parents make an informed decision prior to signing up to one of our programs. We request that you read the information below and familiarize yourselves it prior to signing.

Fees and Payments

Please Note: No placements on hold is allowed unless Medical Certificate is provided.

Competitive teams fees are calculated on a monthly basis, averaged over 12 months, allowing for 4 weeks of team holidays, public holidays and competitions dates, which will be scheduled by the coach. Tuition fees pay for your child’s position in a class or team.  Non-attendance does not qualify you for a refund or credit. Accounts for fees can be paid by the following options: direct debit or 12 months in advance. Please note that fees for athletes training more hours are heavily reduced. Allocated time off is factored into being able to offer discounted rates hence paying whilst on allocated time off.

Options for paying fees

Our Squad program is pleased to offer TWO options in fees payments towards your child’s participation in it:

  • Direct Debit – (Minimum Term 12 Month with outsourced company) weekly, fortnightly or monthly options available. Forms must be completed & signed prior to class commencement. If payment not received by the due date a late payment fee of $20 will be charged for administration costs. Please note with this option extra costs throughout the season will be incurred for uniforms, music, choreography, workshops and competitions where your child’s team requires.
  • 12 Month pre-paid – must be paid in full prior to your child entering their class. Please note with this option you are required to renew to ensure your child’s continual participation within their team’s commitments prior to the renewal date.


Class registration & Insurance

All competitive athletes at the Super Performance Centre must pay an annual fee which includes class registration, affiliation with Gymnastics Queensland and Gymnastics Australia and Compulsory $40.00 Insurance through Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd. The cost of this is set and is not negotiable. Athletes with unpaid membership and insurance will not be eligible to train or compete at any events.

Membership Class registration and Insurance must be paid prior to athlete can commence their program.
This fees is nonrefundable and nontransferable to another athlete, including siblings.


Missing training

If an athlete finishes early, arrives late or is absent, this does not entitle you to a discount on fees, as the entire club’s costs are the same regardless of gymnast leaving early or starting late or missing a session. No discount is given when a family takes holidays during regular training times, as your child’s position is being held in the class for you.


Late Pick Up

If a parent is more than 15minute late they will incur a $30.00 late fee for pick up, 30minutes late they will incur a $65.00 late fee for pick up. After this time $15.00 will be added on for each 15minutes that the parent is late. This is to cover the cost of the coaches over time. Coaches do not have management’s permission to drive gymnasts to and from SPC.


Make Up

SPC has strict no makeup policy.


Sickness, injury and altered training hours

In the case of an injured athlete with adjusted training hours, or a new athlete beginning on reduced hours, where the coach has set reduced hours for the athlete, a pro-rata adjustment will be made to your account to reflect the reduced hours.


Alterations to training

Training may be cancelled due to rest days or staff absence. On occasions, extra training may be scheduled by the coach. In these cases your account will be adjusted accordingly but must be paid in full prior to the additional training session(s). Training missed or added during competitive trips away will not be adjusted for, however as these trips are organised as a service on a break even basis, levies will be added to cover the club’s costs to send coaches and organise the trip. When a competition or event takes the place of a regular training session, no adjustment to fees will be made. Athletes cannot simply train another day with another group because their regular session is impacted by a factor external to SPC.


Program Lateness

Athletes that are later than 30 minutes to a program without prior notice may be refused entry to their program. A key component of a Squad Program, is the warm up and stretching period that unless done correctly can impede their training session or cause injury. If your child is later than 30 minutes without prior notification only Coach can make an allowance and accept them into the training session.


Ceasing at your request

After 12 Month minimum period you decide not to continue, 14 days written notice is required. Your account will be settled on a pro-rata basis from the date that written advice was received of discontinuation. Please note that if you are transferring to another club that your transfer request will be declined if your withdrawing from program before your minimum term has finished and your account is not paid in full or any monies are outstanding.

Other activities: Competitions, private lessons, extra training sessions, day camps, sleepovers etc are to be paid for at the time of booking; however club fees must be completely up to date in order to book for one of these activities. Additional training if scheduled must be paid in full prior to it occurring.


When a business fails to meet a consumer guarantee

Your consumer guarantees apply to products and services you buy, hire or lease from a business.

  • Major failures

A major failure is when services fall significantly short of a consumer guarantee. You have the right to choose which of these options to take in the event of a major failure.

  • Services

A major failure with services is when:

  • you would never have bought the service if you knew about the problem or its extent
  • the service does not achieve their usual purpose and this can’t be fixed in a reasonable time
  • the service does not achieve the specific purpose you outlined to the business
  • the service led to a dangerous situation.

If there is a major failure with a service, you can:

  • cancel your contract and claim a refund
  • keep the contract and be compensated for any drop in value
  • Making a complaint
  • If you need help resolving a dispute, refer to understanding the complaint process.

Complaint form


Entry Fees for Competitions and Events                                                                                                                                                                                                

Competition Entries

Coaches will nominate competitors for each competition. Notification your child has been entered will be emailed with the invoice. Payment must be made by the due date. Failure to do this will result in your child not entering the competition. Please note no competition entries will be accepted if your account is in arrears. Each program has a levy on all entry fees to assist SPC in paying coaches and judges to be at the event in its entirety. Athletes must enter all competitions as set by their coaches. 


Late Entry Policy

Any late entry to competitions will be considered by management on a case by case basis. If we are able to accept the late entry, a late fee of $150.00 will apply in addition to the entry fee. We do our best to give reminders regarding close of entry dates but if you do not return and pay on time, the possibility of your child missing out is high.


Competition Refund policy

Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Event Manager (host club) and will require a valid and relevant medical certificate. Refunds will be calculated to exclude any expenses incurred by the club on your behalf, which cannot be recovered. State or Nationally Sanctioned Events including those hosted by SPC, or events organised by other clubs, will have closing dates and refund policies as set by those organisations.


Competition Attire

All athletes at all times must be in full competition attire as set by each discipline Coach in consultation with SPC Management. Each discipline has a minimal requirement for competitions that must be adhered to at all events (you will receive specific instructions for this from your Coach). Uniforms must be ordered through our office and only use a supplier officially authorised by SPC Management. If you choose to order direct with our manufacturer they will simply refuse your order.  If you order your uniform from another supplier your child will not be allowed to compete at that specific event or further events until this is rectified. All uniforms must be paid in full prior to administration processing your order.


Athletes must be neatly groomed at all competitions and events. Girls must have hair styled neatly and product used if required. All long hair will be required to have hair pulled back and in a pony tail. Athletes must not wear jewelry at events and remove any piercings for the entirety of the event including presentations.

Please Note: Coaches will not take any responsibility for lost or damaged watches or jewelry.

All training and competition uniform, guards, loops, wrist bands, gym bags etc. must have athletes name on it


Training Attire

All athletes are required to train in a required uniform set by the Coach (with optional leotard, shorts, bike pants or leggings/longs). During winter it is suggested that athletes wear longs/leggings and a tight long sleeve/ ¾ length shirt. Athletes should be arriving and leaving to the venue with shoes on and in winter a jumper and tracksuit pants. Athletes need to ensure that they arrive to training with their hair pulled back.


Gym Bag

All athletes are expected to have a Gym Bag, the Gym Bag will have each athlete’s essentials. In their Gym Bag should be: strapping tape, undertape, tumbling shoes (if needed), band aids and hair ties.


Training Atitude and Performance

Participants in all squad based and competitive based programs must at all times show a good commitment level and apply themselves to all tasks set by their respective instructors. A high level of respect must be shown to their personal coaches and all staff at our centre. Athletes that continually do not adhere to the rules set by their personal coach and management may find their position within a program terminated. All athletes must show a good attendance level throughout the year. Parents should advise their personal coach or Centre Administration if their child will be missing a training session and in particular if they may miss several sessions in a row. Participants in these programs that do not fulfil the above criteria may forfeit their position in a Locked Squad program at the discretion of management.

All squad athletes are expected to participate in the SPC End of Year Showcase and attend all testing days the year.


Bullying and Social Media

Any form of bullying from athletes or parents in any form is discouraged by SPC Management. Any instances that occur on SPC Premises, Competitions or Travel Trips should be reported to management and appropriate steps may be taken to handle the issue or concern.  Any bullying that occurs externally to SPC through Social Media or similar platforms, should be handled by the parents of children involved or our Member Protection Officer can guide you in these circumstances.


Parents and Competitions

Please remember that when attending competitions and events it is not only the athletes that represent our centre but also their parents and family. When at a competition or event, an athlete remains under the care of their coach or SPC official. We request that parents do not communicate with their child or coach during competition and presentation. Whilst scores are a part of a competitive environment we request that parents allow coaches only be involved in this process. If a coach feels that a score requires them to approach the judging panel they will do so. Negative comments on other clubs, coaches or judges will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


Participation Waiver

All Gym Sports can be a dangerous sport with inherit risks involved. Participants that take part in a Gym Sport at the Super Performance Centre do so at their own risk. The Super Performance Centre takes no responsibility for any injury that occurs as a result of participation. By signing this, you accept the Participation Waiver.


By signing this you are acknowledging that you accept the rules and regulations and you fully understand your commitment to a competitive program at the Super Performance Centre as stipulated and explained in this Acceptance form.