TRP SQIC #3 Challenge

Last weekend, our trampoline squad had their last Interclub competition for 2019.

It was a fierce one and for a few it was their first one, in which they did amazing!

With our Trampoline competitive squad growing, all athletes competed in both Trampoline and Tumbling events. Across Levels 2,2A, 3 and 4 they had some great scores and special congratulations go to:



Bronte Tait: 6th in Level 2 Trampoline and 4th in Level 2A Tumbling

Molly Busby: 3rd in Level 2A Tumbling





Karina Komitski: Champion in Level 4 Tumbling


To complete the year with such good results was a success for everyone. Coach Maria is very proud with all the athletes and all the hard work they have done throughout the year.

The Trampoline squad is expressing their special thank you to everyone who supported and continues to support them and especially to the families of the athletes for the devotion they have to their kids’ progress and success!

The trampoline squad is looking forwards to the next year to be filled with even more great successes and happy faces on the completion podium!