FreeG Sokolova Cup 2019

On Sunday, November 3rd 2019, SPC hosted their first FreeG Interclub competition: FreeG Sokolova Cup 2019




Proudly sponsored by Maria and George Sokolov,

the completion was the first of its kind in Queensland.






Named after the sponors’ daughter – Anna-Maria, the event gathered 30 athletes from three different clubs to compete in two FreeG streams:

SpeedRun in Age categories and FreeStyle in Level categories.

The completion saw athletes as young as 8 years old all the way up to the 36 years+ category share the floor.

The SpeedRun was fast and furious, a truly parkour experience: Get from point A to point B as fast as you can, clearing the obstacles along the way, don’t miss the checkpoints and stay clear of the “out of bounds” areas.

The obstacle courses were designed especially for each different age category. The athletes showed great determination and resilience along their way – a pleasure to watch by the spectators.

The FreeStyle was spectacular to witness. It is all about those high skills and flow of performance: Show off your best in 1-minute time, impressing the judges with not only high difficulty but well executed, controlled and safely landed skills.

Across all the levels from Beginner to Advanced, the competition was very dynamic as each performance had its own personal and unique flare.

Towards the end of the completion day, the FreeG SPC team did a Team Chase Tag presentation: based on the World Chase Tag sport, it was the first ever presented on the FreeG scene. SPC FreeG team is looking to introduce it as competitive in the upcoming events.



With SPC athletes winning some amazing podium places here are our overall champions:


Harrison Pittorino – 1st overall

Carter Washbourn – 2nd overall

Lucca Autilio – 3rd overall






SPC FreeG team would like to thank the sponsors and all the supporters without whom the event would not had been such a success. Looking forward to grow and become and an annual event, FreeG Sokolova Cup 2019 was a pleasure to organize and witness unfold!