MAG Grand Prix III – Townsville

MAG boys jet out to Townsville

Over the weekend, a handful of MAG athletes flew and drove up to Townsville for Grand Prix III. This was a fantastic opportunity for SPC to support our regional clubs and for the boys to experience a trip away. After flying in on the Friday, the boys headed for a training session at Townsville Gymnastics before enjoying dinner at the Cowboys Leagues Club. The Saturday saw the boys enjoy Townsville with some sightseeing at swimming.

Sunday was the competition which saw our boys compete against North Queensland Clubs with some great results.

Level 3

  • Kai – 2nd Overall – 1st P Bars & High Bar and 3rd Rings
  • Oliver – 2nd Floor & 3rd Vault

Level 4

  • Tiernan – 2nd Overall – 1st Vault, 2nd Floor, Pommel & Rings and 3rd P Bars
  • Tristin – 3rd Overall – 1st High Bar, 2nd P Bars and 3rd Floor, Pommel, Rings & Vault

Level 5

  • Jack – 1st Overall – 1st Floor, Vault, P Bars & High Bar, 2nd Rings & 3rd Pommel
  • Sunny – 2nd Overall – 1st Pommel & Rings, 2nd Floor, P Bars and High Bar
  • Reyne – 3rd Overall – 3rd Rings, Vault & Parallel Bars

After the competition it was straight into Ninja Warrior mode and we headed to the newly open Ninja Parc, Townsville.

A big Thank You to eddie for coming along to assist look after the boys and judge at this event.

Overall, the boys had a great time and was extremely positive to have passengers talking to their coach after the flights and commenting on how well behaved they were. A+++ Boys!