Competition Update – ACRO, Tumbling, WAG & MAG

Great Results from our Athletes

August and September are always the busy months for all of our Gymsports with Regionals, States and National Clubs all within 6 weeks of each other.

Our Tumblers & Acrobats competed in their State Championship’s a week ago. MAG & WAG just competed Regional Championship’s. We are very lucky to have such a diverse talent pool of athletes and had some standout performances.


Trampoline Sports State Levels 2019 Competition took place just over a week ago and our Tumbling squad took part in it. It was a triumph for our Level 3 girls, who competed for the first time.

Special congratulations go to:

Sophie came 5th after executing her two passes with great flow and good power.

Naome is the 2019 State Level 3 Tumbling Champion, perfecting her final pass on the air track.

In Level 4, we also had Karina. Karina competed for a bonus with an 8-skill second pass. She didn’t place in the finals, but is determined to achieve better results at the next competition.

Coach Maria is very proud with all the girls and their achievements over the weekend! Keep up the amazing work and passion tumblers!”


Once again our girls shined at the local derby for Jnr Regionals. It is great to see our girls matching it with all of the Gold Coast Clubs with our Girls claiming the Regional Team Title in Levels 3 & 4 as well as 3rd in Levels 5 & 6. This is such a big step up from our athletes and to come away 2nd overall in our Regional is Amazing. Congratulations to team Leah, Natasha and Colette for believing in our WAG Program.

Podium Results as follows:

Level 3 under
Alyssa – 1st on bars, 3rd on beam, 2nd overall
Genevieve – 2nd on bars, 4th on beam, 4th overall
Milla – 3rd on bars, 6th overall
Ella – 1st on vault
Sophia – 4th on vault
Addison – 6th on vault

Level 3 open

Kyana – 2nd on vault, 3rd on bars, 4th on beam, 4th overall

Level 4 Under

Anna – 2nd on vault, 1st on bars, 3rd on beam, 1st on floor, 1st overall – REGIONAL CHAMPION
Diana – 5th on vault, 2nd on bars, 4th on beam, 4th on floor, 2nd overall
Emily – 4th on bars

Level 4 open

Giaan  – 2nd on vault, 4th on bars, 1st on beam, 1st on floor, 1st overall – REGIONAL CHAMPION
Gabrielle – 1st on bars, 2nd on beam, 3rd overall
Miley – 3rd on vault, 5th on bars, 4th overall
Chloe  – 6th on beam

Level 5 under

Tabitha  – 1st on vault, 5th overall
Alana  – 4th on bars, 6th overall

Level 5 open

Mia  – 6th on vault, 4th on bars, 1st on beam, 3rd overall
Amber – 2nd on bars, 6th on beam, 6th on floor, 6th overall

Level 6 open

Karrin – 3rd on vault, 2nd on bars, 4th on beam, 1st on floor, 3rd overall

Congratulations also to the following girls selected onto the Gold Coast Regional Team.

  • Karrin – Level 6
  • Tabitha and Allanah – Level 5
  • Giaan, Anna and Diana – Level 4


Not to be outdone, our MAG boys also had their Jnr Regional Championship’s. With boys in levels 2 – 6 competing, this was the event to step it up and we had some impressive results from some of our boys.

MAG Level 2 Under

Jett – 3rd P Bars, 2nd High Bar and 5th Overall

MAG Level 2 Open

Kobe – 1st Pommel & Rings, 2nd Floor, Vault, P Bars & High Bar and 1st Overall – REGIONAL CHAMPION

Seth – 1st Floor, 2nd Pommel & 3rd Vault and 3rd Overall

William – 3rd Rings, P Bars & High Bar and 4th Overall

MAG Level 3 Under

Zack – 1st Floor, Rings & Vault, 2nd P Bars & High Bar and 2nd Overall

MAG Level 3 Open

Kai – High Bar 1st & P bars 2nd and 4th Overall

Jordan – 4th Pommel & Vault and 4th Overall

John – 3rd Floor and 5th Overall

Aston – 3rd Vault & 4th Rings and 6th Overall

Zac – 3rd P Bars & High Bar

Level 4 Under

Reiss – 1st Rings & Vault, 2nd P Bars & High Bar, 3rd Floor & Pommel and 2nd Overall

Noah – 1st P Bars, 2nd Floor, Pommel, Rings & Vault, 3rd High Bar and 3rd Overall

Level 4 Open

Tiernan – 2nd Pommel, 3rd Rings & Vault and 2nd Overall

Tristin – 1st P Bars, 2nd Floor & High Bar and 3rd Rings

Nicholas – 1st Floor & Vault

Level 5 Under

Sunny – 1st Floor, P Bars & High Bar, 2nd Pommel, Rings & Vault – 1st Overall – REGIONAL CHAMPION

Level 5 Open

Jack – 1st Floor, Vault, P Bars & High Bar and 2nd Overall

Reyne – 2nd P Bars, 3rd Pommel & High Bar – 3rd Overall

Level 6 Optional

Hugh – 1st Floor, Rings, Vault, P Bars & High Bar, 2nd Pommel – 1st Overall – REGIONAL CHAMPION

Congratulations to the following boys for being selected into the Gold Coast Regional Team.

  • Level 3 – Zack
  • Level 4 – Noah, Reiss & Tiernan
  • Level 5/6 – Jack, Sunny & Hugh





















Our ACRO Teams were also in action the other weekend at State Championship’s with some great performances from our Women’s Pairs and Women’s Group. Although our groups and pairs did not podium, they came away with areas to improve and are working hard on their skills and routines all ready for National Clubs in September.

  • Women’s Pair – Lisa & Lemi
  • Women’s Pair – Eloise & Holly
  • Women’s Group – Takara, Rose & Paige