MAG Grand Prix II Maroochydoore

Boys showing improvements at Grand Prix II

While our girls headed to Deception Bay, our boys were busy at their own competition. Heading north to Maroochy Beach for Grand Prix II. This was the 2nd Grand Prix Event for 2019 and along with the trophies and medals our boys were aiming to maximise points in the Grand Prix Series. With the majority of our gymnasts moving up levels for 2019 our coaches were looking at improvements from the last event. Many boys didn’t disappoint.

Podium Finishes

Level 2 Under

  • Jett – 2nd Pommel & 5th High Bar – 6th Overall

Level 2 Open

  • William – 2nd Rings & High Bar, 3rd Vault and 4th on Floor, Pommel & P Bars – 3rd Overall
  • Seth – 3rd Floor & Pommel, 4th Rings & High Bar and 6th P Bars – 4th Overall

Level 3 Under

  • Zack – 1st Floor, 3rd Rings, 5th High Bar and 6th on Vault & P Bars – 5th Overall
  • Jack – 3rd Floor

Level 3 Open

  • Kai – 4th Floor & Rings and 6th P Bars
  • Aston – 2nd Floor & 4th High Bar
  • John – 6th Floor

Level 4 Under

  • Noah – 1st Pommel, 5th P Bars & Floor – 4th Overall
  • Reiss – 4th Floor & Pommel and 6th High Bar

Level 4 Open

  • Tristin – 4th High Bar and 5th P Bars

Level 5 Under

  • Sunny – 2nd Pommel, 3rd P bars, 4th Rings and 6th on Floor, Rings & Vault – 5th Overall

Level 5 Open

  • Jack – 1st Floor & Vault, 3rd P Bars, 4th Rings & High Bar and 5th Pommel – 3rd Overall
  • Reyne – 6th on Pommel, Rings & High Bar

Level 6 Optional

  • Hugh – 1st on Floor, Rings, Vault, P Bars, High Bar and 2nd Pommel – 1st Overall

Level 7 Open

  • Harrison – 1st P Bars, 2nd on Floor, Pommel, Rings, Vault and High Bar – 2nd Overall