MAG Grand Prix I – Bundaberg

MAG Boys first event for 2019

Our MAG Gymnasts made their debut for 2019 over the weekend. Competing at the MAG Grand Prix in Bundaberg, the boys made the 5 hour drive and competed solidly. Being the first competition it was a good opportunity for the boys to get over nerves and look at the areas they need to improve on. There were some triumphs but also errors that the boys will need to learn from and grow as gymnasts.

Podium finishes as follows.

  • Sunny – 1st Overall Level 5 – 1st Pommel, Rings, P Bars and 2nd Floor, High Bar and 3rd Vault
  • Jack – 2nd Overall Level 5 – 1st Floor, Vault, High Bar and 2nd Rings and 3rd Pommel, P Bars
  • Noah – Level 4 – 1st Pommel and 2nd P Bars (6th Overall)
  • Tristin – Level 4 – 1st Vault
  • John – Level 3 – 3rd Pommel (4th Overall)
  • Aston – Level 3 – (6th Overall)
  • Zac – Level 3 – 3rd Rings
  • Hugh – 3rd Overall Level 6 Optional – 1st Floor, 2nd Vault, 3rd Rings, P Bars & High Bar