Beginners Tumbling – 1hour

1 Hour Class: 7 Years & Up
Whether this class is taken as an extra step to help improve tumbling within gymnastics or if your child just loves the idea of eventually being able to flip and sault, then this class is the first step. Learn the basics of tumbling; cartwheels, round-offs and forward rolls, from our qualified coaches.

Intermediate Tumbling – 1 ½ hours

The next step up from beginners, our Intermediate program will progress on skills learnt in our beginners curriculum progressing onto more complex skills including back flips, handsprings, layouts and aerial work.

Advanced Tumbling – 1 ½ hours

1 Hour Class: Invite Only
The sport of tumbling involves a series of skills such as round-offs, back flips, saltos, handsprings, etc. Advanced Tumbling students have the opportunity to build on previously learnt skills as well as work on combining skills into longer tumbling passes.