Circus Fun – 1 hour

1 Hour Class: 6 Years & Up Circus Fun is an introduction into all that the circus has to offer. Hang from a Trapeze, climb the Silks, learn to juggle, walk a Tightwire and learn tricks on the German Wheel. This class is all about having fun while getting fit and learning a wide variety of basic circus skills.

Circus Circus – 2 hours

2 Hour Class: 10 Years & Up In Circus Circus, you take the next step towards circus performing. While still in a fun and friendly environment, this class takes skills up a level and is about preparing for performance and displays. Build strength, flexibility, tumbling and skills while introducing creative performance and movement techniques.

Aerial Silks 1.5 – 2 Hours

13 Years+ Currently taught by amazing performer and former Cirque du Soleil artist Ebon Grayman from the show Allegria. We currently offer programs with Ebon in Aerial Silks at Beginner Level through to Advanced. Book a free trial in one of Ebon’s Aerial Classes by emailing us








Performance Group – Junior, Intermediate and Senior – 2 hours +

2 Hour 30 Minute Class + min 1 other discipline per week: Invite Only This class caters to circus performers and acrobats at a high level. This group performs throughout the year at shows, conferences, fairs, fetes and events such as the SPC End of Year Show. The classes focus around further improving circus skills, learning all new apparatus’ such as the Swinging Trapeze and Russian Bar and designing specific acts for new shows. To enrol in this class evaluation by the Master Trainer is required. To join or for more information contact Super Performance Centre on 07 5532 8429 today.