Beginners Acrobatic Gymnastics – 2 hours

2 Hour Class: 6 Years & Up
The junior Acrobatic Gymnastics class works on preparing acrobats for competition by building up their strength, flexibility and co-ordination. Also known as Sports Acro, this class is a great option for older children with little or no previous gymnastics experience as it is fun, attention-grabbing and overall a rewarding experience

Advanced Acrobatic Gymnastics – 5 hours +

2 Hour 30 Minute Class: Invite Only
Acrobatic Gymnastics is a partner-based sport which includes gymnastic elements. Competitive pairs or groups perform 2 – 3 routines displaying both individual and group elements such as lifts and throws. This sport is just beginning to really come into it’s own on the world stage and remains a fun and challenging choice for fitness.

Adult Classes

1 Hour to 1 Hour 30 Minute Classes: 16 Years & Up
This class is a great way to maintain general fitness in a fun and alternative way. You’ll also learn and perfect different skills associated with gymnastics and circus such as strength, flexibility, tumbling and acrobatics.

To join or for more information contact Super Performance Centre on 07 5532 8429 today.

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