The Gold Coast’s most renowned gymnastics coaches

Super Performance Gymnastics Centre is in a class of its own.

Since opening in 2006, we have established a new standard in performance and gymnastics coaching that has helped build up the skills and careers of the Gold Coast’s best and brightest. Our experienced team are dedicated to providing learning experiences that build skill, agility and most importantly, character.

Invest in their future

Our club believes that every child has an infinite well of potential – all they need is a little push. By enrolling your child in our gymnastics, circus or acrobatics classes, you are investing in their future – giving them a chance to develop physical skills, social connections and a sense of purpose. With our help, there is no limit to what your child can achieve.

For Young and Old

While we may be dedicated to building the potential of future gymnastic champions, we also encourage people of all ages to give our classes a try. We currently cater to people aged anywhere from 18 months to mature adults. This allows anyone to have a great time while developing new skills, talents and friendships.

Browse through our staff profiles and discover why we have some of the most experienced and friendly trainers/coaches worldwide.